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  Galvanized Steel Coil



T-grid Ceiling System
Started in 2002, Welfull established a professional and modern t-bar sub-factory. Its products are exported to UAE, Qatar,South Africa,Iraq, Nigeria,Costa Rica and other countries. Its products are produced strictly in accordance with standards of GB/T-11981-2001 and all are tested before shipment.
A: Flat T-grid    
1. Main Tee: 2. Cross Tee: 3. Wall Angle
38*24*L 26/28*24*L 22*22*L
32*24*L 24*24*L 19*23*L
32*15*L 32*15*L 19*22*L
B: Groove Tee Bar:  
Main Tee: 35/32*15*3000/3600  
Cross Tee: 35/32*15*(1220/1200)(610/600)
Wall Angle: 22*19*3000, 22*22*3000
Thickness: 0.25mm to 0.40mm  
Packing: in box    
     1. Main tee: 25pcs/ctn  
     2. Cross tee: 50pcs/ctn  
     3. Cross tee: 75pcs/ctn   
     4. Wall angle: 40 or 50 or 60pcs/ctn

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